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Yuchen Pei

Hello! I am Yuchen. You have reached my personal website.

I am a programmer, mathematician and free software advocate.

I did a PhD at the MASDOC program at Warwick, and spent two years in a postdoc position at CMSA at Harvard and another one and a half years at the KTH RMSMA group. After that I worked as a full stack web developer for two years.

I am an associate member and licensing volunteer of the Free Software Foundation, and have applied the philosophy of free software to knowledge and research. For example I shared my research in Robinson-Schensted algorithms as a wiki under a free Creative Commons license. I believe anyone can be an academic, seeking truth and sharing their findings with the public.

I can be reached at: (PGP key: 47F9 D050 1E11 8879 9040 4941 2126 7E93 EF86 DFD0). Feel free to email me, whether you know me or not. I am also open to meeting up virtually over tea.

Views expressed on this website do not represent any organisations I belong or associate with, past, present or future.